What is K1?
Great question!  I know that in many districts K1 means a combination of Kindergarten and First Grade.  In my district, K1 is a pre-kindergarten program.  Regular Kindergarten is called K2.  It is a full day program in a regular elementary school, and I love it!

Have you always taught K1?
No... I taught regular kindergarten for two years.  This is my fifth year in pre-k.

Do you follow a curriculum?  Do you have standards?
Yes!  Everything I do is aligned to the standards.  States that adopted the CCSS were allowed to modify 15% of the standards to meet their needs.  Massachusetts added pre-K standards to our version of the Common Core.  You can check them out {here}.   I have a literacy curriculum called Opening the World of Learning, and a math curriculum called Building Blocks.

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Unknown said...

I just found out that I am moving to K from 1st this week. School starts next week! I love your lesson plan template and the sample lesson plan you have in your TPT store. I was wondering if you had any other plans available? I would love to see how your first couple of weeks progress.