Upgrade to a Business Account on Pinterest in 2 Minutes

I just got back from the TpT Conference in Las Vegas and it was completely life changing!  I was a little hesitant to go, but am so glad I did.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks for Teacher Authors (my new favorite, very official sounding term for bloggers and TpT'ers).

First up is Pinterest.  I am so glad that I attended Mel D's Advanced Pinterest presentation at the conference.  I have been using Pinterest for a few years now for my own, personal reasons.  I love finding new classroom organization ideas, teaching tricks, recipes and fashion inspiration.  I even designed much of my new kitchen thanks to Pinterest!  
I did not, however, think of Pinterest from a business perspective.  I didn't realize how powerful it is at helping new readers find my blog, or at helping me stay in the loop with new trends and ideas.

I was so inspired, in fact, that I started working on upping my Pinterest game before I even left Vegas.  I converted my Pinterest account from personal to business while sitting on the floor of the McCarron airport!  The advantage of upgrading to a business account is that they allow you to keep track of analytics such as which pins of yours are most popular, which pins are sending people back to your blog, etc.  More on how to use analytics in a post coming soon.

Start out by visiting the Pinterest business site {here}, then click on the Convert Now link.

Type in your business name in the first box.  In the second box, select your business type.  I went with "Professional: blogger" because blogging is my jam!

Last, enter your website.  ALWAYS enter your website so that people who stumble across your Pinterest board have a super easy time finding your site.  You never know when a pin might send them to a crazy link instead of your site.

Check out the many options for your business account.  I haven't fully had a chance to explore all of these yet, but am excited to do so soon.
While you're at it, make sure that your profile is up to date.  I was pretty surprised to see that I had never added my new website when I moved from a Blogspot address to a .com address.  Also, my old picture was black and white and a little fuzzy.  I wanted my Pinterest picture to be the same as the one on my blog to increase recognition.

The pink arrows show you the things I updated.  My motto is to keep things clear, clean and simple.  Click "Save Profile" when you're done.

Voila!  Your business Pinterest account is ready to go.  You can find me on Pinterest {here}... please click "Follow" so that I can follow you back and see what you're pinning!


123kteach said...

I switched to a Pinterest buisiness account about 6 months ago. It is awesome to look at your analytics and understand which pins really are making a strong presence on Pinterest.



I have a question. Do you have a separate Pinterest account for your personal pins? You know, for things like humor, cooking ideas, etc. that don't relate to teaching. My board is a combination of my TPT goodies and personal pins, so I was wondering if you kept two profiles or not. Thanks for any advice!

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