All About This Kinder Teacher

Hola!  I am linking up with the ladies of Kinder Tribe for their first ever linky party.  I truly do feel like teachers, especially kindergarten teachers, are my tribe.  Sooo I just had to join these lovely ladies!

I absolutely cannot believe that this will be my NINTH year in the classroom.  I still remember my first year like it was yesterday.  I'm starting to feel old!

I absolutely positively cannot live without my coffee in the morning.  Whether it's hot or iced, it's always by my side.  My kinders sometimes whisper to each other "Don't touch her coffee!"  Good advice, friends!  I am a total grump without it.

I am obsessssed with markers of all types, and post its too.  I can't stop buying them!  Some of my favorite markers are Mr. Sketch, good old fashioned Crayolas (both thick and thin) and Flair pens (those count as markers, right?  Kinda sorta).

I have so very many favorite books that it is truly hard to pick just one.  If I had to, though, it would definitely be Miss Rumphius.  The illustrations are so gorgeous and I love the strong, independent female main character.  I grew up in Maine, and Barbara Cooney sets many of her books there, so I love them just a little bit more.

I have a ton of favorite kinder blogs, but I had to pick The Tutu Teacher because Vera is my friend in real life!  And yes, she is just as bubbly and sweet as she seems on the internet.  Here we are with Jillian {The Starr Spangled Planner} the first time that we ever got together.  Now we have Margarita Mondays and we were even roomies in Vegas!  #tbffs are the best kind of friends!  

Who doesn't love the funny things that little ones say?  I try to write down their little quotes so I don't forget.  At the risk of sounding corny, I absolutely love when my kids' eyes light up.  Whether they are understanding a concept for the first time, or just truly curious and excited about learning, it touches my heart and I get a lump in my throat.  We have the best job ever!


Carrie Ogulnick said...

Coffee is a MUST!! My students also know my love for it and always ask about what flavor I drink each day..haha

Julie Davis said...

I have never heard of Miss Rumphius! I am definitely going to have to check it out! It was great to meet you! Have a great school year!

Molly Karpowicz said...

We are so lucky to be part of such an amazing Tribe!!!!! There were many times last year when I wanted to write down some of the funny things that happened/were said in my room!! Thank you for linking up with us, Mary!!!!

MrStephenWolfe said...

You had my attention at the word donut! I am so glad that I am having the opportunity to connect with so many teachers at KinderTribe with experience! After 15 years in grades 2-5, moving to kindergarten has shown me just how much work goes in to that grade. I'm looking forward to the journey and learning from you along the way!

Yukari said...

I've never heard of Miss Rumphius so I'll have to check it out! Mr. Sketch, flair pens and coffee seem to be on everyone's must lists! We don't have dunkin' donuts in Canada.. I'll have to try it next time I'm in the states! Do you just get regular coffee there? And oh my goodness I use post-its for EVERYTHING in my classroom! They are literally everywhere! lol

A Pinch of Kinder

Deirdre Garcia said...

Kindergarteners are SO funny! It is hard not to laugh all day!

Once when one of the littles knocked over my coffee, it got eerily quiet because they thought I would go ballistic! I managed not too, but they were VERY careful around my coffee after that!

Thanks so much for sharing!
Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary! So excited to meet you & be part of our new "kinder family"! I'm really looking forward to sharing & collaborating with you and our "tribe"! I love your blog!
Annie Veas ~ The Learning Studio Bug :)

Holly @ Research and Play said...

You're so lucky to have a friend in Vera! Her blog is so encouraging and fun! Love learning about other kinder teachers!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary! So glad to get to 'know' you a little better! I look forward to reading your post this next school year!

The Tutu Teacher said...

Aww! Friend you know I love you too much.
I am so glad we are friends but even happier we are a part of the same wonderful tribe!
Love you!
The Tutu Teacher

Mary said...

I am LOVING all these comments, ladies (and gentleman... I think that may be a first!). As for the coffee question, I usually go for French Vanilla or Hazelnut with milk and two Splenda


MrStephenWolfe said...

Mary, I am the lone guy I think in the tribe (for now!), but I'm grateful that I've been so accepted into the group.

Unknown said...

I really do need to start keeping a journal of all the funny things they say! My favorite this year was when one of students was at the writing center, I overheard her talking to her partner about her story. She said, "This is the part where Santa beats up the dinosaurs..." HA!

chevronandcenters said...

Coffee or caffeine is a must!!! i love my post it notes and usually have them posted everywhere!! Thanks so much for sharing your all about this kinder teacher with us!!

123kteach said...

Oh my goodness. We have a lot in common. I am a kindergarten teacher from Massachusetts. I live in Wareham but teach in Fairhaven. It was my first time ever in Vegas for the TPT conference. I was hoping to meet up with teachers from New England. I LOVE DUNKIN. It must be a New England thing. I'd love to meet up at some time and share ideas. Please stop by my blog