Valentine's Day Lucky Duck Freebie

I was looking for a super cute, non-edible valentine idea for my little babies.  Our school district has a very strict healthy food policy, so I am not allowed to give out candy.

I found the adorable idea of using rubber duckies instead of candy.  I LOVED playing in the bathtub when I was a kid, so I figured that my little ones would feel the same way.  I also wanted something that wouldn't break the bank.  The ducks ended up costing 52 cents per student... woo hoo!

This project was pretty easy... All it took was a few trashy TV shows and I cranked these little puppies duckies right out.

Here's how:

2" Rubber Ducks
Cardstock Paper
Hole Punch
3" Circular Punch (optional)


Download your freebie by clicking on the picture below:

If you need a class list and letter of explanation for your class, you can grab that for free {here}.  

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