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My current goal is to stop letting life get in the way and start getting back in the blogging habit.  Step one: linking up with Farley for Currently.

Listening to whatever is on HGTV.  It's my go to background tv channel

Loving that my kitchen is not the giant dust pit that it has been for the last three weeks!

Are you ready to see some serious ugliness?!  Here are the before pictures:
I like to call it Little House on the Prairie meets Mad Men chic
So we demo-ed all of the cabinets and counters,
Removed this wall

And were left with this giant dust pit for three weeks
 I could literally see down into my basement through the floor, and every.single.thing we own was covered in a lovely layer of dust.

And here's how it looks now!
 Definitely not perfect, but I love seeing it actually start to look like a kitchen instead of a scary nightmare!

 I can still see down into the basement through the floor, though...

Thinking of random projects to do because we have had eleventy billion snow days.  Today I organized my tshirt and tank top drawers.  Yes, seriously.  That's how bored I am!

Now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in our kitchen project, I am wanting to redecorate my entire house.  Well, technically decorate our house since we moved in all of our ratty old apartment furniture and have been saving up for real, grown up furniture.

Needing this snow to stop.  No, really.  I never thought I would say this but if we have one more snow day I'm going to lose my ever loving mind!  Out of the last 11 school days, 7 have been snow days.  I went for a weekend in Boston with Mr. Hubs last weekend and some of the snow banks were taller than him.  He is 6'3.  No joke, it's completely ridonkulous.

My Pageant title might be the same as the wanna be roller derby name that my college friends gave me once upon a time... Miss Mary Smack (get it?).  That is definitely the sassy, don't mess with me side of me that only comes out once in awhile.  The more realistic title would be Miss Scatterbrained.  I am the queen of losing my keys, student work, the marker I just had in my hand... whatever is not attached to my body, really.  Don't worry, I always find it again!

Come back tomorrow to check out what I am giving my little ones for Valentines Day, and to grab a couple freebies!


Unknown said...

I love your pageant title! I can definitely relate to the 'scatter-brained' feeling. I swear everything in my life is have done, or only just started. New school year = a gizzilion new things to think about!

<3 Miss Gibson

Ms. Makinson said...

Your kitchen looks amazing!! AH!!
I am also obsessed with HGTV! :)
I can't believe how many snow days you have had! I am from Ontario, Canada and we have had I think 2 this year. The horrible part is that teachers are still expected to go to school because the schools stay open. If it is REALLY unsafe then you can report to the school closest to you. If you stay home, you don't get paid!

Is it spring yet? :(

Unknown said...

You're hoping for no more snow and I am hoping for a TON! We are now just getting our first storm of the winter. We've been going to school 10 extra minutes a day because we had so many last year, they wanted to add in more time in case this winter was just as bad. I'm ready for some snow days!

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