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I am linking up with Farley for Currently... I might be a bunch of a few days late to the party but it's better than not showing up at all, right?

Okay so things are about to get a little bit dorky here for a second... Mr. Man and I are both obsessed with a new podcast called Serial.  It is some of the best journalism I have ever heard and I am officially hooked.  I told my best friend to listen to it during a car trip today and she send me this text 6 hours later:
If you are into things like Dateline or Law and Order I highly suggest checking it out!

I always love Fall.  But today I am extra head over heels in love with Fall.  It is Veteran's Day, which means that I am feeling extra patriotic and very thankful to those who keep us safe every single day.  It also means that I have the day off (our second day off since school started) and who wouldn't be happy with that?

I spent the day sleeping in, then puttering around my house organizing, cooking and crossing things off my mile long to do list.  The only time I left my house today was to grab coffee and go for a quick walk, and I am totally okay with that!
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A bunch of my family members are coming for Thanksgiving and I am super giddy and excited.  However, I sort of just realized that not only do we not have enough beds, we also don't have enough towels, chairs or table space.  Sooo I may have just ordered an air mattress and a whole bunch of towels and washcloths from Amazon.  I love you, Amazon, for your super fast shipping and for saving my butt yet again.

Wine and chocolate.  Enough said.  I am trying to avoid both of them, but they have been calling my name all night.  I'm trying to ignore them but they are getting louder and louder!

Let's do a little real talk for a second.  My kitchen is ugly.  U-G-L-Y.  
See? I told you it's ugly!  It's a whole lot of 1950's turquoise laminate ugliness that has never been updated.  We are talking 61 years and noooo updates.  We are saving all of our pennies up to pay for a new kitchen, but I would sure love it if HGTV wanted to help us out and make it gorgeous.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

I love, love, love to read.  During the summer I always read up a storm because it is oh so hard to get through a book during the school year.  Usually I climb into bed at night and get through about three pages before I zonk out.  Gillian Flynn, though, has kept this tired teacher up way too late because her books are positively addictive!  She is best known for Gone Girl, but my favorite was Sharp Objects.  I finished all three of her books and I'm dying for another one. Can you hear me, Gillian?  I need more!

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Amanda said...

Found your blog through Farley's linkup!

I want to read Gone Girl and your blog post has inspired me to do so even more. That's exciting that you have your family coming to you- I'll be traveling all around my state to see my family and my fiance's family! Happy early Thanksgiving!

Amanda Potter
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