How to Install a TpT Gadget on your Blog {Updated}

By far my most popular technology post was {this} one about how to add a TpT gadget to your blog.  When I recently redesigned my blog, I found out the hard way that TpT has changed up how this is done!  I have redone my tutorial to make this tech trick easy peasy.

 Go to TPT and click on the "My Sales Dashboard" page.  Click on "Link to your store from a blog or other website with readymade badges."

 This is pretty self explanatory... just click the button :)

Select whichever type of widget you would like: Featured Items, Top 25 Selling Items, Featured + Top 25 or Most Recent 25 Items. Whatever floats your boat!
  Select vertical (it's the only choice!) then next.

Here it gets a teeny bit tricky.  You need to copy both sections of the code: the longer section of code {first arrow} and the second, shorter section of code {second arrow}.  I just copy and pasted both of these sections into a word document.  
Click NEXT.

The magic that is the internet will automatically bring you to this Blogger page.  If you have multiple blogs, make sure that the correct one is selected from the drop down menu.  Next, click Edit Content.  This may seem easy, but I swear it took me twenty minutes to figure that out!  My blonde roots must be growing in :)

 Now go back to your word document.  Copy ALL the code that you pasted in a minute ago {both the longer and shorter portions}.  You can go ahead and copy it all at once.  Paste all that fancy code into the window and click Add Widget.

 You will now automatically be brought to the Layout tab of your blog.  Oh, internet... you're so fancy!
If you want to change where the widget will appear on the page, drag it to the appropriate spot in your gadget column.  When you are done, click Save Arrangement.

Now sit back and admire your gorgeous new widget.  Go on and give yourself a little pat on the back.  Heck, pour yourself a glass of wine if your little heart desires.  You deserve it!

You can check out all of my technology tutorials {HERE}.


KaSandra said...

This tutorial was so easy to follow!Thanks soooo much.

Katie said...

This was exactly what I was looking for and so easy to follow! Thank you for taking the time to do this!


First Grade Centers and more said...

Thank you! This really helped me!

Miss Jenny said...

Just what I needed - I was lost trying to do this!

Jenny :-)

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