Take Me Back Tuesday: Christmas Edition

How crazy is it that Christmas is two weeks from today?!  I need to get my butt in gear and finish up my shopping.  Yikes!

I am linking up with Hope King for Take Me Back Wednesday Tuesday with some of my favorite holiday projects from last year! 

Also, while we are talking about all things Christmas, my Christmas Vocabulary & Writing Unit is on sale today only!

Also, to see what our Elf on the Shelf, Sparkle Magic, is up to, check on my Instagram {username: adventuresinkindergarten}.

***********************Originally Posted December 2012***********************
I am loving these pinterest inspired ornaments.  They were SO easy and SO adorable!  Brown handprint, googly eyes, red pom pom nose and a loop of ribbon and you're done!

My little ones made these wooden ornaments with our super amazing science teacher! You can check out her blog {here}.  They painted pieces of wood (after learning about trees, of course), and decorated with super cute foam stickers.

 We also made applesauce ornaments. They are very plain, but smell SO ridiculously delicious and last forever.  Just mix cinnamon {I bought mine at the Christmas Tree Shop for $1 a pop, along with cookie cutters 3 for $2} with applesauce and white glue.  I used two cups of cinnamon, 1 3/4 cups applesauce and 1/4 cup glue.  It was a little too sticky so I just added tons more cinnamon. 
Of course I forgot to take a picture, but they looked a little something like these.
found gift bags on sale 3 for a dollar at the craft store, so I scooped them up.  Here is what each proud little one brought home for their parents.
And here is what I gave each of them:
Three books and a mix CD of our favorite songs.  
I bought Gingerbread Mouse when it was a $1 scholastic selection, and stuck in two other books that were donated to our school (otherwise known as cheating).
I grabbed 100 CD's for $20 on Amazon.
I found these colorful "Memorex Keepers" soft plastic cases at Target for less than $6 for 50. 
I burned each little one a CD with 32 of our favorite songs.  I have done this every year and they love it! With my laptop and my school computer cranking, it only took a few hours (with plenty of interruptions in between) to burn 24 copies.
I also printed up labels for each CD and book to jazz them up a little.  Total cost for the book, CD and case was $1.32 per student.  Now that is what I call a great deal!
Happy Holidays!

Currently {December}

Can you believe that it's December already?!  It feels like school started just a few weeks ago!  I am glad to be linking up with Farley for one of my most favorite parties.

I am listening to Mariah belting some serious Christmas Carols.  I don't care what ANYONE says, no song is better for getting you in a happy holiday mood than All I Want for Christmas is You {Youuuuuuuuuuu, Babyyyyy!}

I am loving decorating for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving.  We have never started quite this early and I TOTALLY love jumping right on that Christmas train before my turkey is even fully digested.  I helped Mr. Man hang the outside lights on the most frigid day, but couldn't love them any more.  Precious!  I started decorating inside, too... can't wait to get my hands on a tree this weekend.  We always get it on Mr. Man's birthday :)

Thinking about the bazillion things I need to do in the next 14 school days.  And at the same time, loving that there are only 14 days!  So crazy!

I am wanting TONS of things on TPT.  I loveee looking through everyone's amazing products {plus buying super cute clip art to put in my own products}.  Click on the picture above to check out my store... everything is 28% off today and tomorrow only!

I have a wedding dress, venue, DJ and... umm that's about it.  It's time to get cracking!  I am so.flipping.excited.  Totally needing to get on top of everything!

My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve.  We always go to Mr. Man's brother's house to spend it with his family and two of my favorite little ones on the planet... our niece and nephew.  They are SO excited to open presents, and finally understand who Santa is.  It is SO fun, plus the food is always totally delish.  Then we come home late at night and do our own cozy gift exchange in front of the tree and fireplace.  Very simple and sweet.

December Vocabulary, a Sale {and} a Giveaway!

I am SO excited to have *finally* finished my latest vocabulary product, just in time for the big Cyber Monday sale!  All of my products will be marked 20% off on Monday and Tuesday.  Use the code CYBER at checkout for an additional 10% off.  That is a grand total of 28% off!

Without further ado, here is my December Words vocabulary product.  This is a great way to increase student vocabulary, reading and writing skills.  ALL materials are in both English and Spanish.  You can use just the English, just the Spanish or both!  I love to use it for all of my students, but especially to use with my ELLs.

Just cut them up, laminate if you want to and you're all done!  I use these on my word wall, put them on rings for use in the writing center, and with dry erase boards or magnet letters for making words.
I stick these back to back in an acrylic frame (purchased for $1.99) and put it on my writing table.  Kids love to use these words when writing.  I love that their writing is much richer and more detailed when they are using the mini word walls!  You could also pop them in a binder sleeve as a word mat, or hang them on the wall.
 The bubble map is for vocabulary development, prewriting or brainstorming.  Emergent writers could use invented spelling or draw pictures.

The ABC order recording sheet can be used with the word cards to practice alphabetical order.  I love this one because it can so easily be modified to meet the needs of your students.
This writing prompt is great for use with the word cards and mini word walls.  I use it in my writing center or as homework.
Children use the min word walls or word cards to fill out the missing word sheet.  This is always an absolute favorite in my classroom!
Describe It is great practice using adjectives.  Children will use describing words to tell all about this adorable reindeer.
For Making Words, students cut up the word December, then change and rearrange the letters to create new words.  This is a great word work center!  An answer key is included.
You can check out this unit {HERE}
And as a special thanks, I will give away one copy of this unit to the first person to comment on this post.  Don't forget to leave your email address!