Five for Friday {October 11th}

Sooo I was super duper close to actually posting this on Friday.  I'm doing it before I go to bed on Friday (technically the wee hours of Saturday), so it should count, right?  You can check out the linky part at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

We made these adorable faces and I LOVE how they look in my classroom windows {the windows look out into the hallway}.  We set out a variety of types of yarns, googly eyes, markers and fabric shapes.  The kids looked in the mirror and went to town creating themselves! 
PS. Sorry for the papers sticking out of the cubbies in the bottom photo! 
I went to a training at the New England Aquarium {in Boston} so that we could get a free field trip for our grade level.  We got to go into the aquarium after hours, and it was SO fun to be the only people there!  They have also just finished a huge renovation and it is gorgeous in there.
I even touched a ray and a SHARK!  I know, I was freaking out a little.  The ray feels like a slimy lasagna noodle and the shark was a little sandpapery.

I even snapped this quick video of a shark egg.  You can see the shark fetus (or whatever you call it!) wiggling all around inside.  How much will my babies love this?!
I highly recommend checking out the Aquarium if you are ever in the area.
We have been having a serious tattletale issue that is driving me absolutely bananas!  I found HeidiSongs "The Tattling Song" and it is saving my life.  Now that they know the song, when a tattler comes over I just start humming it and they *usually* get the hint.  It won't allow me to embed it, but you can check out the song {here}.

Hot Vanilla Milk
I was sick all week, and was craving something warm and delicious.  I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to make it IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.  It was so, so, so yum!  I highly recommend it if you like vanilla.  You can check it out {here}.

Got to run, this little guy wants to play fetch with his favorite skunk.  Can you stand this little face?


Garden Full of Knowledge said...

Love the faces! They're adorable! Thanks for the Hot Vanilla Milk recipe, too. I just pinned it! Hope you're feeling better! I'm following you on Pinterest!

Unknown said...

I am planning a field trip to the aquarium. I am hoping the cost is still low for BPS students. I have not been there in a while. Time to back to see the renovations.

Unknown said...

Vanilla milk is delicious! My mom used to make it for us after we had been playing in the snow. :)

Laughter and Learning in Room 139

kinder-gardening said...

Love your blog! I love the aquarium too! I bet it was neat to be there with such a small group! We had friends who got married in an aquarium at night. It was soooo neat! I love the fall weather too. We were married in Yosemite in October. Beautiful!

Mary said...

Thanks, ladies! Sandy - that sounds gorgeous. I would love to see the aquarium all glammed up for a wedding!