Throwback... Tuesday and a Freebie

I am jumping on the Throwback Thursday train a few days early to show you what is on sale for the tenth day of Christmas in July... all of my Thanksgiving themed products.  Click {HERE} to check it out!  Scroll down in the link for a freebie too :)

Throwback (November 2012)

I FINALLY finished my brand spanking new Thanksgiving word cards & mini word walls unit.  I am SO flipping excited about this one.  I am head over heels for the graphics, and I know it will do wonders for my little ones' vocabularies.  I always struggle with how to teach kindergartners the meaning of being thankful.  It's such an abstract concept! These word cards do the trick.  They give a huge range of things to be thankful for in a fun, illustrated format that children can understand.
They will be extra amazing when paired with My Thankful Book (Version 1 or 2). 

Here are a few closeups of different pages from this 29 page unit:
Word Cards
Mini Word Walls
*all items shown above also come in Spanish

And here is a freebie, because I am super thankful for all of the amazing teachers who read my little blog!
You can snag one page of this packet as a freebie... check out the Gobble Gobble writing prompt {HERE}.


Here are the word cards and word walls in action!

 These word cards can be used as a word ring (as shown), on a word wall, in a pocket chart and so much more!

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