Throwback Thursday - Patterns and a Freebie!

Welcome to my first Throwback Thursday!  I combined two old posts so that you can see what my All About Patterns unit is all about, and grab a freebie too!

This unit is on sale for today only at 20% off.  Happy Christmas in July!

I was sitting at home recently, oh you know just perusing the Common Core Standards as I am sometimes known to do {dork alert!} when I realized that there was no standard for patterning in the CCSS.  "NO patterns in the CCSS?" I thought, "This cannot be!"  I looked through again and again.  I checked the pre-K standards (it's a Massachusetts thing).  Then the kindergarten standards.  Then the first and second grade standards.  No patterns to be found!  THEN I saw it... the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Standard 8 says "Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning."  Hmmm... I thought, that sounds a whole lot like patterns to me.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you can check it out {HERE} on pages 8 and 10.
The next night we happened to have a lovely 3 hour math professional development at school, given by a math education professor.  I had the chance to ask him about why on earth they took patterns out of the Kindergarten curriculum.  "It's so important!  They love it!" I argued, tapping my foot.  He said that they did not take it out, no sirree...  Patterning now falls under the category of Standard 8 for Mathematical Practice.  Yipee!

Learning Objective Poster
12 Anchor Posters

288 Pattern Strips (for buttons, cubes, bears and pattern blocks)
Build a Pattern Game (several differentiated options)

Recording and Practice Sheets for each type of manipulative to check understanding (two options for each sheet for easy differentiation)
 Learning Objective Poster for finding the core of a pattern
Anchor Poster for finding the core
Sound patterns
Movement patterns

Thanks for reading all of that!  I hope you like it :)
You can check out this 150 page unit in my TPT store {HERE}.  It is on sale today only!
I made a 17 page patterns unit just for you!  It's perfect for math centers, and can also be used as homework or small group work.  It is based off of my All About Patterns Unit.

You can snag it for free {HERE}. 


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Carolyn Kisloski said...

Hi Mary! LOVE LOVE LOVE your activities! I thought the exact same thing- for a while there it seemed like we were all about patterns! :) Thanks for that update. Even so much of the beginning reading is patterns! You should get bonus points for helping us all out. :)
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