Sunday Smorgasbord

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The highlight of my week BY FAR was seeing Beyoncé.  The only word I can think of to explain it is UNBELIEVABLE.  I laughed, I cried {honest to God... she did a Whitney tribute and I couldn't help myself!}.  I had SO much fun with my BFF and my Beyoncé obsession is at a whole new level.  I am saving up all my pennies for when she comes back in December!
My BFF and I right before the show started rocking fierce Beyoncé inspired outfits.
 We were THISCLOSE to her!

I loved her outfits during this number.  I think she changed 8 or 9 times (diva!) and all of her outfits were gorgeous!  I also loved that her whole act was female centered... ALL of her backup singers and musicians were female, plus most of her backup dancers (a pair of twins were the only males in sight).  Very cool!

We were SO happy, and completely hoarse at the end of the night!

Today marks the one month anniversary of summer vacation!  My district is by far the latest one I have heard of.  The silver lining is that I have over a month left of vacation.  Yee haw!

In spite of still having a month left, I am starting to prep for next year.  I am reading Working in the Reggio Way, and rereading Spaces and Places.  Both are great so far!  
If you have to do school work, what's better than doing it in a bathing suit outside on a gorgeous day?
Here are a few more things on my Back to School To Do List...
how to create a teacher binder ~ luckeyfrog's lilypad
A Teacher Binder to combat the dreaded paper pile.  How nice would it be to have all of your assessment data, student info and important papers all at your fingertips?

Prep this adorable magnet for students to hang their best work up on the fridge.  I want to get them all ready so that all I have to do is glue their pictures on.  I am thinking about even dying or painting the clothespins to get REAL fancy!
Make this adorable "It looks like I'm playing BUT..." book by Dr. Jean.  I want to get the text and book all ready, so that all I need to do is put pictures of the kids in.  I would love to add this to my collection of send home books... they are always my students and their families favorites!

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Happy Sunday, all!

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