I'm Back {and Happy Birthday, America!}

I'm not going to lie... I have been a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad blogger lately!  Life got a little bit hectic and I took an accidental one month hiatus from blogging.  I have now been out of school for the last five days and am on vacation in the glorious state of Maine, so things are all good now!  I plan to be back in blogging action when I get back from vacation on Sunday, but in the meantime here is a scary selfie of me enjoying a much needed adult beverage, otherwise known as a Coronita.

And here is a much less scary photo of my fiance man friend and I having fun on the third of July.  Sorry about the slightly less than fabulous photo quality.  Mexican restaurants after midnight don't necessarily have the best lighting.

Even though I've been a blogging slacker, I am always on Instagram so check me out {HERE}.  My username is Adventuresinkindergarten.

Happy Birthday to the best country in the world.  Love you, America!

Now get your butt to a barbeque, eat a burger and go watch some fireworks.  
Happy Fourth of July!

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