Currently & Christmas in July

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I am listening to my favorite girl.   I may or may not have mentioned {okay, I definitely mentioned it} I am going to see Beyonce in T minus fifteen days!  Eek!  Totally in love with Queen Bey.

I am absolutely loving not having a "real" job this summer.  I am babysitting two days a week and going to a few conferences and things.  BUT, I have always had a super serious summer job, like summer school or nannying 50+ hours a week.  I am SOOOO excited to have some free time and flexibility.

All of this thinking about my new workout routine has this girl craving a delicious fro yo, but alas I refuse to cave in!  I am trying to exercise twice a day whenever possible.  This morning I went for a quick speed walk in my neighborhood before babysitting, then hit the gym after.  Tomorrow I plan to walk again in the morning, then hit pilates in the afternoon.  Let's hope I can keep it up!

My fiance and I are both wanting to make a final decision on a wedding venue.  We have been searching for the perfect spot for way too long (five months or so... eek!) and have narrowed it down to two places.  We are making a final decision this week.  Yay!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are not needing a new refridgerator.  While we were on vacation last week we got a call from our trusty cat sitter saying that our fridge and freezer (which are ONE YEAR OLD!) stopped working and she had to throw every.single.thing away.  It is working now though, so I'm keeping the faith alive!

My tips, tricks or hints are similar to a lot of the other ones I have read for this currently.  My advice is do NOT fake it 'til you make it!  If you are not "into" writing a blog post that day, week or even month, don't do it!  Also, not every lesson is cute and wonderful.  Real learning does not always look adorable, so therefore not every blog post needs to be adorable.  Share the nitty gritty... we KNOW that your classroom doesn't always look perfect!  Last but not least, share some of your personal life as well.  Although you are a teacher blogger and most of your content should be teaching related, some of it should give your readers a sneak peak at your "real" life as well.

And now onto Christmas in July! 

For Day 3 I have my Color Word Walls on sale for 20% off (super cheap!).  It comes with word cards, a mini word wall, a rainbow colors poster and a song.  
These are great resources for your writing center, word wall or even your art center.  They come in both English and Spanish, so can be used in almost any type of classroom.


Unknown said...

Your blog is so stinking cute!! :) Congratulations on getting married! Cherish every single minute of your wedding day! It goes by so quickly!! I love your advice at the end! I took a 3 month hiatus from blogging because life was just so busy, but now I am back it!! I'm glad I didn't "fake it" during those three months!! Happy Summer!!! :)

Lacie Brown
Polka Dots & Pencils

Courtney said...

Just found your blog today! YAY!

I'm sure picking a wedding venue is difficult! Good luck!

Make sure to stop by my giveaway!

Kaydi Shaw said...

Totally feel ya on the workout thing. I'm doing a healthy eating/workout challenge with some friends. My boys (3 & 6) wanted milkshakes last night so I took them to Sonic, but I proudly didn't get anything because I was not about to undo my workout. Stay strong!