We're Kind of a Big Deal!

SO I have blogged a little bit about our chicks.  What I did not tell you is that our chicks were part of an amazing grant that our Phys Ed teacher got from Discovery Education.  

Today was the big day when Discovery Education came to school to hand us a ginormous (literally... it was 5 feet long) check for $30,000.  What we did not know was that Mr. Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots football and Revolution soccer teams, was in the building.  COMING TO CHECK ON MY CHICKS!  It turns out that he loves chickens and has 11 at his house.  Who knew?

So here I am with Mr. Kraft.  Who in these parts is KIND OF A BIG DEAL and KIND OF A CELEBRITY.  I was freaking out!  I told him that next time he comes he should feel free to bring Tom Brady :)
Bob Kraft in my classroom

So after our lovely visit in my classroom we headed upstairs for an assembly for all of the classes who worked on the grant.  Discovery handed the big check over.  THEN Bob Kraft matched it!  As in, another ginormous check for $30,000!  

I could not be happier for my school.  We are in a very high poverty neighborhood and do not have all of the resources that we need.  So proud, so inspired.  So obsessed with Mr. Kraft!
I am all over THIS video (look for black and white striped shirt looking sweaty and frazzled).

To see more photos you can check out the New England Patriots facebook album {HERE}.

My Summer Bucket List


I am linking up to share just a few of the things on my summer bucket list.  Even though thinking about it makes me kind of depressed, considering the fact that we have 19 more days of school.  JUNE 28th, PEOPLE!!!

I am so.flipping.excited for a change of scenery.  We are going to Maine for a week with my bestest friend and her hubby, then to Northern Michigan for ten days or so.  My two favorite places in the whole wide world... yippee!  I am even going to Philadelphia for a three day conference in July.  I've never been there, so I'm pretty pumped!
2. Cookouts and Concerts
Nothing says summer to me more than food on the grill and some outdoor jams.  So far I am seeing Beyonce in Boston, and John Mayer in Connecticut, then again in Michigan.  We are wild and crazy like that.
3. Not Having a Real Job!!!
The summer after my first year teaching I took the summer off, but have worked ever since.  For four years I did summer school, then last year I nannied.  This year I am going to babysit two days a week, do a few summer institutes, and then I am free as a bird besides that.  So.Flipping.Excited to have some time for myself.
4. Wedding Planning
We have finally booked a venue and set the date - July 2014.  Now I just have to do everything else!  So glad to have some time this summer to crank out save the dates, book a photographer, taste some cakes and all that jazz. T minus fifteen days until I go wedding dress shopping!

5. Up my TPT Game
I have millions of ideas, and tons of unused clip art.  Now is the time to crank out some awesome units!  I am so proud of my All About Butterflies unit.  I already started a similar chicken lifecycle unit, plus have plenty else up my sleeve.

                                     Source: teachjunkie.com via Mary on Pinterest

6. Get Organized!
Both at home and at school I need some new organization systems. I am loving this one that I found on Pinterest.  Instead of using it for Writing Portfolios, I would love to have one for year long portfolios (a collection of a student's best or favorite work) and one for assessment data.  How awesome would it be to have every.single.assessment in one place?  Not that I know what that's like or anything cough cough.

I'm sure my bucket list will end up being way longer than this.  You can check out what else I plan to do as I add ideas to my To Do This Summer Pinterest board!