Fabulous Feedback

I am linking up with Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for a fun linky party!  I am sharing the most fabulous feedback I have received on three of my TPT products.  If I chose YOUR feedback, please email me so I can send you a special thank you gift from my TPT store :)

First up is All About Patterns.  Billions (okay, so maybe not quite that many) of pattern activities that are super easy to prep, and also aligned to the common core.

And here's the feedback.  EVERYTHING you needed?  YAY!  That was my goal.  One stop shopping is the BEST when it comes to a huge concept like patterns.

 Plants and Seeds Math, Science and Literacy Fun!
 has been super popular at this time of year.  It is one of my very first products and has SO much packed in it.  It is also up for a minor revamping very soon with some fabulous new clip art!

 You can't wait until next week?  You love it?  It's so helpful?  Woo hoo!  I am loving all of those exclamation points!!!!!  You ladies rock my little teacher unit creating world.

I couldn't pick just one, so I found feedback on a bunch of my Word Card and Word Walls Products.  These are great for any emergent reader/writer, but even better for ELL students.  My babies have done oh so much with these awesome products.

 Just what you needed?  Wish you had bought them sooner?  Exactly what you are looking for?  I love you people!  I wish I could meet you and hug you and squeal in your ear.  Seriously.

Last but not least I have to throw in a little plug for my All About Butterflies unit.  It is 110 pages of science, literacy, math and art fabulousness.  I also made a smaller version with just the vocabulary cards, science notebook and prediction sheets that you can find {HERE}.  

Of course, like every other TPT seller on the planet, all of my items are on a super duper sale today and tomorrow only.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  You are truly appreciated!

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