Gardens Galore

 I was SO excited today when my fiancee sent me this picture of the crocuses blooming in our backyard.  Our winter here in Boston was extra brutal this year, so these three little blooms have me jumping for joy!  And they are right on time, because I JUST finished my new Garden Word Cards and Word Walls unit.

The reasons I keep creating these products is because I use them in my own classroom and am SO impressed by how they get my babies excited about reading and writing.  They are also so great for vocabulary!  One of my littles who literally spoke NO English at the beginning of the year said to me "The leprechaun is so funny.  He is always looking for gold!"  (Thanks, March Words unit!).

I am so excited about this one... the clip art is to DIE for!

Like all of my word card and word wall products, ALL items shown below are in both English and Spanish.  Perfect for an English speaking classroom, bilingual classroom, ESL teacher, Spanish teacher and so much more!

These are so simple - just cut and you are all done!  You can add them to a word wall, use them as a word work center or use them to inspire great writing from your students.  Personally I love to laminate them, punch a hole in 'em and throw them on a binder ring.  Voila!  Instant word ring.  These are SO great for developing new vocabulary!  You could even create a content vocabulary wall.  Perfect for ELL students or ANY students!

Slap these in an 8 by 10 acrylic frame (I found mine at the Christmas Tree Shop for $2!) and all done!  You have an awesome word bank for your little ones to use.

The bubble map can be used to practice vocabulary or brainstorm.  I love using it as a prewrite for the writing prompt below.

Have students shuffle up the word cards, put them in alphabetical order and record on this sheet.  My kids LOVE spreading the words all over the rug, debating over which one goes next, and writing their answers on this sheet.  I love it because I can put just a few cards for my struggling students, or use all of them for my super smarties.

This writing prompt can be used as an in-class activity or homework.  I love using it with the word cards or word ring to inspire my babies to incorporate content rich vocabulary into their writing.

The missing word sheet is always a favorite!  I use it with the word rings and mini word walls.  Students think of it as a mystery hunt to find the word.  They don't realize that they are getting phonics practice AND working on letter formation all at once.

Describe it is used to practice adjectives.  This is another great way to develop vocabulary!  I sometimes use this for synonyms as well.  This could be fabulous for pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, etc.

Last but not least is making words.  You know the drill... students cut up the letters in the word "flowers" and mix 'em up to make new words.  Don't worry - I included an answer key to make things a little easier for you!
This product is 36 pages, and is usually priced at $4.00.  For one week only I have marked it down to $3.00 (25% off... woo hoo!).  Click {HERE} to check it out.

Thanks for sticking around to the end!  I will give away a copy of this unit to the first person to leave a comment with their email address!

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