Awesome April Words

I am so excited about my new April Word Cards and Word Walls unit.  What is a word cards and word walls unit, you ask?  It is 36 pages of resources to help teach seasonal vocabulary to your students.  This products improve reading skills while inspiring great writing.
All materials are in both English and Spanish.

 Let me break it down for you...
Just cut them up, laminate if you want to and you're all done!  I use these on my word wall, put them on rings for use in the writing center, and with dry erase boards or magnet letters for making words.

I stick these back to back in an acrylic frame and put it on my writing table.  Kids love to use these words when writing.  I love that their writing is much richer and more detailed when they are using the mini word walls!  You could also pop them in a binder sleeve as a word mat, or hang them on the wall.

The bubble map is for vocabulary development, prewriting or brainstorming.  Emergent writers could use invented spelling or draw pictures.
The ABC order recording sheet can be used with the word cards to practice alphabetical order.  I love this one because it can so easily be modified to meet the needs of your students.

This writing prompt is great for use with the word cards and mini word walls.  I use it in my writing center or as homework.
Children use the min word walls or word cards to fill out the missing word sheet.  This is always an absolute favorite in my classroom!

 Describe It is a brand spanking new activity to practice using adjectives.  Children will use describing words to tell all about this adorable rabbit!

For Making Words, students cut up the word April, then change and rearrange the letters to create new words.  This is a great word work center!  An answer key is included.

This unit is $4.00,  but will be on sale for one week only at 25% off (or $3).

You can check it out {HERE}

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