{SUPER SALE} and a Shopping Tip

Thanks to Ashley for the super cute button!

Everything in my store is 20% off today and tomorrow, and tomorrow you get an additional 10% off if you enter the code SUPER at checkout.  I know I will be buying a thing or ten (or twenty... seriously I think I'm starting to develop a TPT problem).  My shopping tip is a super easy one.  Keep a running wishlist of items {go ahead and get started today} and then when the sale starts you can just move them over to your shopping cart and checkout.  My wishlist has about 40 things on it now because everytime I see something I like I plop it in the wishlist.  Now I'm about to go sort through and see what I really need so that I can purchase it on sale.  Easy peasy {lemon squeezy!}  Happy shopping and superbowling!

You can check out my store {HERE}

Here are a few seasonal items you may like from my store {sale price listed}

 The Mitten Retelling, Writing and Vocabulary Pack *newly updated... click here for details* - $3.24

And also here are my top five best selling products:

2.  Plants and Seeds Math, Science and Literacy Fun! - $6.65
Please excuse the lack of cute graphic... I made this well before I knew how to use the magic of powerpoint.  This unit will be updated very soon, and you can redownload to get all the new goodies.

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