Snowpocalypse & Show Us What You Bought

Okay, so before we get started on the whole teaching thing, let's talk about how cRaZy this snowstorm was!  We live outside of Boston, and got 30 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.  THIRTY INCHES!!!  What?  There was a 24 hour driving ban across the whole state.  Here are the highlights in our neck of the woods.
Our little house after we shoveled for a few hours.  It's safe to say it's time to invest in a snowblower!

Our front door and steps.  Wait, what steps?!?

Mr. Man in action.  Thank God for him... I helped for about an hour and a half and then went inside and baked while he finished up.

And here's how helpful I am when shoveling :)  I also look dead sexy in my shoveling outfit.  I'm considering just wearing this ensemble at all times.

And now to the teaching related portion of our show...

Admittedly I am a week few days late for this linky, but better late than never!  I bought more during the Super Sunday TPT sale than I thought I would.  It is so worth it to have brand new clip art and ready to go units.


Number Practice Sheets by Katie Pipkin 

What are your favorite TPT finds?

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