Queen B {and a FREEBIE!}


I am too busy shopping on TPT and eating delicious snacks to post much today.  Don't forget to check out my TPT store where everything is 20% off, PLUS an extra 10% when you enter the code SUPER.  Pretty sweet deals!

So here is your freebie.  I needed a new to do list that would force me to map out things I needed to do each day, instead of writing lists on weird scraps of paper, or trying to rely on memory and forgetting what I was supposed to do when I got to school.  

Sorry for the I get to school super early (usually by 7:00... the kids get there at 8:15) and have time four days a week to do work during my students' specials.  I used my new favorite pens in the whole wide world to categorize: turquoise are centers I need to change in my classroom and purple is for everything else.

I typed in the things that are the same each week (I always do photocopying on Monday mornings, and I always have team meeting during my kids' specials on Wednesdays) and I will handwrite in everything else.  You could type everything in if you wanted to!  I made it a half sheet and will photocopy them doublesided.  We have very limited paper and I try to conserve it whenever possible.

Click {HERE} to download your copy!

Happy Superbowl Beyonce Sunday!

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