Mad About The Mitten

Monday was my first day back at work after surgery, and we have been nonstop ever since!  I LOVEEE Jan Brett, especially The Mitten.

Here is what we have been up to so far this week
{all of these activities can be found in my brand new *updated* and *on sale* Mitten unit HERE}

We did response to literature and wrote about our favorite parts of the book.  For support, we used The Mitten mini word wall and word ring.  I love how this helped them all to think of different favorite parts!

Using a word card (taken off of the word ring for convenience) to write a sentence about the story.

 The fox has sharp teeth

 The bear sneezed

 The mouse was on the bear's nose

Pretty good, right?  Remember that my sweet babies are four and five!

We made a super cute story elements chart.  
They did so well with this!  I updated my unit to include all of the headings and characters that you see here (plus tons more so that you can easily customize it for your needs).  It also took me about 7 minutes to prep.  YESSS!

Thanks Cara for the inspiration!

We made story retelling props to bring home to share with our families.

We also retold the story on our classroom flannel board.  It is absolutely precious when they tell the whole story, full of details and voices.

The kids were SO excited about The Mitten that they started painting the animals at the easel.  
My little friends asked me to cut our easel paper in the shape of a mitten just like the chart they made.   It's hard to see but she labelled each animal using the word ring.  There is nothing better than spontaneous learning inspired by a great book :)

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