These are a Few of my Favorite Pins

I hope this is the song that popped into your head when you read that title... I can't help it, I still love this movie!

I haven't done a "best of Pinterest" lately, so here goes!

                        Source: via Mary on Pinterest

This site has awesome resources for a light table.  She has 26 different ideas listed (one for each letter of the alphabet.  I got a light table through Donor's Choose and it has been the absolute best thing I have ever gotten from them!

                        Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Easy Flubber/Gak recipe!  There are only three ingredients: glue, borax and water.  Yessss!  My little ones will adore making this with me.  It would be a great opportunity to follow a recipe and write a "how to" afterwards.

                        Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Fake snow using only three ingredients! Corn starch, shaving cream and fake snow from the Dollar Store.  This will work so well with the Snowman Sand Table project I do every year.  Check out {this link} for a freebie!

                             Source: via Mary on Pinterest

I definitely saved the best for last {or at least my own personal favorite for last}.  How absolutely adorable are these story stones?  They would be TO DIE FOR for all of my students, but particularly the reluctant writers and ESLs.  Each character stone has the same character on both sides, but displaying different emotions (for example happy and tired).  They are SO expensive though.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to make these on my own?  Where to buy the white stones, what kind of markers I could use, etc?


aware said...

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own story stones. I made some with the alphabet on them. I used stickers and mod podge.

Mary said...

Thanks so much!!!