March Vocabulary and Literacy Centers

I promise this is the last new unit I will be posting about, at least for a little while.  I can't help myself... I got so carried away with all of the cute fonts and graphics.  I hope you enjoy!

Why keep making these products?
I make these because they work! I have used different versions of these for four years now and have been amazed by how engaged my little ones are when they are using them.  They literally fight over who gets to go to the writing center!  17 of my 22 are ELLs, and these word cards and mini word walls are *fabulous* for them.
The other thing I love about these products are how versatile they are.  They can be used for writing, story prompts, work work, word walls and so much more!

Also, they are SUPER easy to prep.  All you have to do is cut the word cards {laminating is optional}.  It takes maybe 4 or 5 minutes with a paper slicer if you are picky (not that I know anything about that!)

What's included?
{only English pages are shown, but all activities are also included in Spanish}

So easy... just cut and use them however you like!  On your word wall, for an ABC order activity {recording sheet included}, word work center and so much more.

Pop it in a frame or hang it on the wall and you have a mini word wall.  SO easy.  You could also laminate or pop in a binder sleeve and use as a word mat.

 Here are the frames I buy.  Only $1.99 each!  Thank you, Christmas Tree Shops.  It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures but they are freestanding 8 by 10" frames.  Super lightweight and portable.  When we are done using the mini word wall, I slip it out of the frame and into Our Class Dictionary {freebie}.  Voila!  The frame is ready for the next mini word wall, and the previous one is still accessible.

Pretty self explanatory.  Bubble map is for vocabulary development, prewriting or brainstorming.  Emergent writers could use invented spelling or draw pictures.
The ABC order recording sheet can be used with the word cards above.

This writing prompt can be used during writer's workshop, writing center or as homework.
Children use the word cards or mini word walls to fill in the blanks on the missing word page.  Fun!

Students cut up the word strips and manipulate the letters to create new words.  Great word work center!  An answer key is included.

The price is $4 for 33 pages.

You could also purchase this unit AND my February words unit as a bundle {HERE} for only $6 (for 69 pages of vocabulary and literacy fun!)

All translations have been proof read for authenticity and accuracy.


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