Literacy Wall of Fame

Please excuse the God awful picture quality in this post!  I wish I had realized how horrible they were when I took them and used a real camera instead of my cell phone.

Anyway, here is a display that I made to motivate the students in our grade level to learn their letters.  I teach pre-K, which is why we are starting with the basics, Letter ID.  You could easily do this with letter sounds, sight words, DIBELS, or whatever your heart desires. 

After we test our students, anyone with a perfect score gets added to the poster with lots of fanfare and clapping.  I know it might seem mean to expect them to get a perfect score, but it is what it is!  It makes them work a little harder to sort out that tricky b and d or M and W.  

I also like that it is students from all three pre-k classes... it unites the kiddos and reminds them that there are other little ones in our school too.  We are kicking off PBIS (positive behavioral interventions and supports) and this ties academics into the whole recognizing positive achievements kick.

When they know all of their upper and lowercase letters they get to bring home these fun, glossy postcards to share with their families.  I ordered them from Vistaprint with a Groupon awhile back.  See what else I got {HERE}.

  And here is a closeup.  I love that I got to design them myself with super cute Scrappin' Doodles clipart.

*In case you are not already a Groupon member, click {HERE} to sign up!

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Miss Jenny said...

I really like the poster idea = especially making it reusable. I think this is a great idea that can be, as you wrote, adapted easily to other "yeah" moments - such as knowing all their sight words.

Thanks for sharing, Jenny

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