How this Post Got Ruined and Winners!

In my head I had all these great plans to tell you all of these fun activities we are doing and all about our field trip to the Museum of Science and share fun things I found on Pinterest and all of that jazz.  And then today happened.

All I'm going to say is that you know it's not your most stellar day at work when you are yelling "DON'T STEP IN THE THROW UP OR THE POOP!" at the top of your lungs.  To top it off, before that happened, someone walked over to me during recess and said "Here you go, Ms. P."  I held out my hand.  NEVER DO THAT.  It was dog doodoo.  IN MY MITTEN.  "Oh sorry!" he said.  "I thought you might want to give it to the custodian."  As if he customarily sees me bringing such lovely items to the custodian IN MY HANDS.  Needless to say my mittens are on their 17th extra hot spin cycle and I am currently bleaching both hands.  Again.  I am going to go drink a glass goblet of wine and cry.

In other news, congratulations to the winners of my giveaway!

Congratulations, ladies!  You have won copies of my The Mitten Word Cards AND  January Word Cards mini-units.  I have emailed you.  Enjoy!

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Anita said...

Oh my word...thanks for the laugh! We have a crazy job, don't we?!
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