February Vocabulary and Literacy Centers

I am so so so so so excited about my new unit!  I have been cooped up at home for almost two weeks after an awful ear surgery, so I have put even more time than usual into sketching out the unit, creating it and searching for the perfect clip art.  I even switched up the font on my word cards.  It is still super legible {to me this is the number one most important thing for little ones} but is way cuter!

What's included?
{only English pages are shown, but all activities are also included in Spanish}

Word cards that you can use in a pocket chart, on a word wall or as a word ring.  I use them as writing prompts, making words (with magnet letters, on magna doodles or white boards, in sand or salt, etc) and so much more!  There are 5 pages total in each language.

I put these in 8 x 10" acrylic frames and place them in my writing center.  The kids LOVE to write the words they see!  You could also use as a word mat or hang on the wall. 

Bubble maps can be used for practicing vocabulary or as a prewriting activity until they are in ABC order, then record.

This writing prompt can be used during writer's workshop, writing center or as homework. 
Children use the word cards or mini word walls to fill in the blanks on the missing word page.  They LOVE this activity!

Students cut up the word strips and manipulate the letters to create new words.  Great word work center!  An answer key is included.

All of this for only $4!

This unit is also included in my brand new Winter Words BUNDLE
all in one Fabulous BUNDLE for only $9.  That is a 22% savings over buying each unit separately.

I only make units that I believe are the highest quality, and that I actually use in my classroom.
I hope you will come check this out!

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