All About Shapes {FREEBIE}


I am lounging around on the couch enjoying my last day of vacation and doing my lesson plans.  The horrifying horribleness of the end of vacation is just starting to hit me.  WHAT?!?  You mean I actually have to get up verryyyy early, get dressed in an outfit that does not consist of yoga pants and go to work tomorrow?  HOW RUDE!

ANYWAY, my math curriculum calls for a game called "Shape Step" in which kids explore shapes kinesthetically.  The teacher says a statement like "Stand on a shape with four sides" or "Sit on the shape with three angles" and the kids have to use their reasoning skills to figure out what you are talking about.  Plus they love it because we do a lot of hopping, skipping, standing on one foot and all that jazz while playing it.  I did this game last year, following the ingenious math curriculum's suggestion that I use masking tape on a floor or rug to make the shapes.  Well, math geniuses, not only did that take about 45 minutes, it ruined my floor, rug and eventually my fingernails after trying to pry tape out of the rug and floor.  I can still see the lingering stickiness on the rug, even after I rented a shampooer and cleaned it a few times.  

The bottom line is that I decided to make these posters to use instead.  My lazy girl ingenious plan is to stick them in my favorite heavy duty sheet protectors, tape the tops shut and voila!  Not only did you save tons of time and money that you would have spent laminating, but you have an easy storage solution.  When you're done, just pop 'em in a binder and shove it away for next year.

Some other ideas I had for this were:
Hang them on the wall
Have kids use playdough, pipe cleaners or wiki stix to make each shape
 Use as flashcards
Go on a shape hunt
Print four per page and make a memory game
Have students trace with dry erase markers (they wipe right off if you are using a page protector)

 You can download this for free {HERE}.
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Diane O said...

Thank you, these are great! With the laminator out of commission at school I will definitely try the heavy duty page protectors.

Mary said...

Ours has been out of commission for four years, so we've had to get pretty creative! Glad you like them :)