2013 Resolutions: Professional Goals

I am linking up with Amanda at One Extra Degree to share my professional goals for 2013.

My most important professional goal for 2012 iwas to get my Masters degree  in early childhood education.  I finally did it in May, and am so freaking excited to be done!

My goals for 2012 are
1.  Catch up on the huge stack of professional books I have next to my bed.  It's so tall that it toppled over today when I was dusting.  Yep, definitely starting to get out of hand!
Some of the books at the top of my stack are:

2.  Take online classes!  I don't know how your district does it, but ours pays a little more the more edumacated we are.  I only have nine credits standing between me and a little pay raise.  I signed up for three online classes and hope to get them done as soon as humanly possible.  They are interesting, too.  One is about inquiry based learning, one is about challenging behavior in the early childhood classroom and the third is reaching young readers.  Somehow I have been able to avoid even cracking one book during this whole vacation, though!

3.  Get inspired!
I am part of this amazing group called Making Learning Visible.  It is a group of teachers and early childhood coaches who take a Reggio Emilia inspired approach to learning.  Last year we did "Kids are Experts" where each child wrote his/her own how to book.  They were so beautiful and the kids were so empowered.  We even had an exhibition at the Children's Museum.  This year we are focusing on storytelling and I am SO excited!  You can check out some amazing videos that explain the process {HERE}.  

I think it is so important to find something that inspires you.  Every time I leave this group I am so energized and excited to try new ideas in my classroom.  

The pictures above were taken in an amazing teacher's classroom who is part of the group.  Her room is gorgeous and very Reggio-ish. 

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