Adorable Turkeys

I have made these adorable turkeys for the past few years, inspired by Ms. Sarah Cooley.  We do ours just a tiny bit differently...

First each little one colors a coffee filter (folded in half) with regular markers.  They were thrilled when I told them that "scribble dibbles" were just fine!  Hint: hide the brown, black and gray.  I made the mistake of leaving them out for the first round of coloring and they come out not as cute.

Next, spray with water from a spray bottle.  Ooh and aah as the colors spread, mix and blend.  Let the filters dry overnight.  You will probably need to flip them once or twice.  I have a tray for each child that we use over and over again and I love this system because it keeps the mess in one place AND already had their name on it.

Last, add a head, waddle, beak, googly eyes and legs.  I had my little ones fold the legs back and forth to sneak a little extra fine motor in.

Here is part of the flock... aren't they precious???

I also finally snapped some pictures of other Thanksgiving activities we have been up to.  Click on the picture to download :)

 Roll and Count freebie.  They LOVED rolling the dot cube and stamping the correct number!  For extra practice I had them write each number that they rolled on the bottom of the paper after finishing the stamping portion.  We used do-a-dot markers for this.

Thanksgiving mini word wall displayed in an acrylic 8 x 10 frame

I am thankful for... mini word wall (front)

and the back.

I am thankful for... word cards on a ring.

All of these materials work so will with my "My Thankful Book" series and freebie writing prompt.  You can check them out {HERE}.

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