Open House Puzzle Poem

Open house season is upon us once again. I decided to do the same super cute handprint puzzle that I did last year.  I LOVE it, because it gives parents and kids something to do while they are waiting to talk to you.

All you have to do is order 5.5 by 8" puzzles, write their names and the year with a sharpie (or have them do it!) and have your little ones do their hand prints. Print up the poem, have them sign it and take apart the puzzle.  Pop it all in a ziploc sandwich bag and voila... fast, fun and super cute keepsake.

This is last year's poem.  Sorry for the horrible photo quality!

The poem I had was from 2011, so I jazzed it up and personalized it for 2012 (and two more years, to boot).  You can download it for free at my TPT store {HERE}.  All I ask is that you follow my store in return.

The cheapest puzzles I could find were $6.75 for 12 on Amazon.

Enjoy, and happy open house!

*I got this idea from the amazing Mrs. Jump*

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