Hi Friends!  Just popping in really quick on my vacation from a tiny little coffee shop with a ginormous Dell computer to let you know that I am jumping on the TPT sale bandwagon.  In case you are living in a cave and haven't heard (kidding, of course!) you can save tons of money tomorrow and the next day on thousands of items.  ALL of the items in my little shop are on sale, too!  I am offering 20% off, and TPT will throw on an additional 10% off of that price (hence the 28%... I would love to say that I figured this out on my own but I actually had to email and ask.  Which is why I teach kindergarten and not high school algebra, or statistics or some nonsense). 

Check out my store {HERE}
Enter the code BTS12 to receive the additional 10% off
My sale is running from today thru the 14th.  Come check it out!  I promise I have some cute things in my store that will make your life easier (and cuter). 

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