¿Hablas español?

Have you seen Anchorman?  LOVE that movie.  I think I have a weird crush on Will Ferrell just because he is so funny.  

ANYWAY, I kinda speak Spanish.  As in on a good day I can have a fluent conversation with a six year old.  I say this because one time in Costa Rica my bff and I DID have a 15 minute long fluent conversation with a six year old and we were SO proud of ourselves.  

There are lots of students who speak Spanish at my school... enough that we have a Spanish SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) classroom in each grade starting with pre-K.  Lately I have been making some bilingual products for my TPT store and have been having my friends at school double check them for me.  In the interest of still having friends at school (haha) I am looking for a bloggy friend who would be willing to check my very basic vocabulary words in exchange for the finished product.  

In particular I would love a fluent, native Spanish speaker to check for spelling and accents, and to tell me if the vocab word I chose is correct, or if there is a better one (as in one that people actually use in everyday speech). You wouldn't be translating, but checking my translation.  I am guessing that the whole thing would take about 10 minutes per product.  If this interests you, please email me at adventures.in.k.blog@gmail.com.

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