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I have known Carrie since 8th grade (we are both Maine-iacs and went to school together).  She started Oh, She Dabbles not too long ago, and I have been totally blog stalking her for the last couple months.  I am kinda sorta obsessed with her blog!  Enjoy!

Hey all! I'm coming to visit today from Oh, She Dabbles, where I write about personal style, food, DIY projects and other adventures. I'm an elementary school teacher and thought I'd share my current project that I'm working on for my class. The start of August always makes me begin anticipating the next school year and it's the same for many of my students. This is an effort to help them start the school year on the right foot. At the end of the year, I have my 4th graders write compliments to each other student in my class. We do this anonymously and I collect their sheets at the end of the period. (This could easily be adapted to younger students by having them dictate the compliments to you.)

At the beginning of August, I compile these compliments to send to the students. This year I decided to use Wordle to create fun tag-cloud style cards.

I cut these out and glued them to scrapbooking paper in a complimentary color.
On the back of the card, I wrote a quick note to each student. I told them that these would be coming, so they know what to expect. When they come back to school, many students have thanked me for these compliments. It's a fun and easy project with a nice, positive impact!

Thanks, Mary, for having me guest post today! And thanks for reading! Come visit me at Oh, She Dabbles!


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Love this idea!!!