My New Obsession

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So this post may not technically 100% relate to teaching.  BUT I am obsessed and I just had, had, had to share.  Olioboard is a great {FREE} website that allows you to create mood boards... perfect for redecorating (or just plain decorating in my case... you can't "redecorate" something that was never decorated in the first case).  

I am super excited to have my very own craft//teacher stuff room in our house.  Except that right now it is completely empty, except for the piles of clutter junk precious teaching stuff that I might will definitely be doing by the end of the summer.  It's awful!  With working full time this summer I haven't had a second to get to it, but I am determined to!  I am also determined to have fun and make it look beautiful (plus, I enlisted my BFF to help, and she has great taste).

I used Olioboard to whip up this sweet little baby:

Craft Room
Isn't it cute?  The room is painted Sherwin Williams' Waterscape, a very light turquoise.  So pretty!  And {HERE} is where I got all my inspiration.  Love!  I would love to see if you can whip up any Olioboards of your own.  It would be great if you are changing over your classroom color scheme!

PS. For an awesome tutorial on Olioboards check out I Heart Organizing

*I have absolutely nothing to do with Olioboard and do not receive anything for talking about them on my blog... I just really, truly love this site!*

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