I don't know about you, but I am always having trouble thinking up new ways to reach my kinesthetic learners.  I feel like I do the same things with them over and over and over again.  I am pumped to have found a couple games lately that could liven up my routine and reach all my learners.

I LOVE this one!  There are a bunch of different versions including word builder an dstory starter.  The one I have played is Alphabet Matcher, and the kids I played it with LOVED it.  You load the picture and alphabet rings onto a special stick, then twist the pictures all around until they match the correct letter.  It is fun, interactive and can be done anywhere... at a table, on the rug, in the car, laying down, standing up.  I also love how they use real pictures instead of drawings.  This would be great for my ELL kids too!  Click {HERE} to check it out.

Super Stretchy ABC
This Dr. Seuss game combines phonics with Twister!  What's not to love?  You spin the super cool dial and follow the directi9ons.  For example it might tell you to put your hand on N, your foot on apple and your ear on lamp.  When a player can't follow the directions any more it is the next person's turn.  

This is a Cranium game that is a little less academic, but is great for following directions.  Kids have to listen to the little speaker thingy and do what it says.  For example, stand on a circle/animal/food/something red.  I have bought this for a couple of favorite kids in my life and they all love it.

I would love to hear if anyone knows of other great games that encourage movement!

*I have absolutely positively nothing to do with any of these game companies and gain nothing by talking about them on my blog... I just love the games.  BUT if they want to send me a free copy I would be totally into that too ;)

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