I am not just fashionably late to this linky party... I am officially super duper late.  Oops!  Here we go...

1.  It is a classic, I know, but Where the Wild Things Are has been one of my very favorite picture books since I was a little girl.  I read it during my demo lesson that got me my first teaching job (which is, six years later, my ONLY teaching job) so now it is not just a favorite book, it's a lucky book.  I love reading it aloud to my class every year because they LOVE the part where the Wild Things ROAR their terrible roars, ROLL their terrible eyes and GNASH their terrible teeth.  Love!

2.  I couldn't pick just one go to professional book.  Debbie Diller is a guru of all things teaching, as far as I'm concerned.  Here are my two favorites so far:

And here is what I am going to read on vacation this summer:

Link up to {Oh' Boy 4th Grade} for this super fun monthly party!

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