"Borrowing" from the Library

I'm not talking about books!  I have been nannying two very sweet little ones this summer and have been spending a lot of time in the nice, air conditioned library.  We stopped by for craft time last week and I was super impressed!  Of course, the teacher in me had to sneakily take pictures of their amazing organization and directions.  I love this for older students (who can read the directions) or for a parent craft time (which we do in my classroom once a month).  It would eliminate so much confusion and so many "What am I supposed to do nows?"

 Owl paper bag craft and bat headband craft.  Love the step by step directions and the labels on all of the little containers (which are actually recycled berry baskets.  cute!).  I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of the final products!

The top two photos show a shooting star project that was super cute and easy.  The kids took two die cut stars and decorated one side of each with markers and stickers.  They glued three streamer strips onto one side of one of the stars, then glued the other star on top.  Voila... a shooting star!  
The bottom two pictures show this amazing paint paper stuff that they had.  All you do is dip your brush into water, touch it on the colorful squares and paint!  Perfect if you are looking for a super easy paint experience.

 These last pictures are not of a craft but of a super cute "Planetarium" that they had set up in the back.  It was a refrigerator box spray painted black inside and covered with silver contact paper outside.  They used glow in the dark stars to make constellations inside, and also had all of the planets.  How much would your kids LOVE this during a space unit?

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