So Fascinating...

I was just checking my blog email for the first time in a minute or two, and look what I found...  YAY!

Fascination Awards

They nominated me for this post about how to use both landscape and portrait orientation in one word document... essential to all of us loading our magical creations onto TPT. I am so honored to even be considered for this... I am seriously blushing over here!

Voting starts on Monday and lasts for one week.  Yippee!

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Sharon Dudley said...

Congratulations on the nomination! I just found your blog through Teacher's Notebook and I became your newest follower here on your blog. :) I really love music too, and I write a lot of blog posts about using music in the classroom. If you have time, come and check out my blog. I have lots of freebies! :)

Sharon Dudley, NBCT