End of the Year Madness

Okay, so I have something horrifying to confess.  I have only been out of school for three days.  Yes, three!  Then I had one night & one day of professional development and tomorrow I start a summer nannying gig.  YUCK!

Anyway, every June we have to pack up every single thing in our classrooms.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Everything off the walls, all furniture stacked and everything else boxed up and covered.  Then in September we unpack everything and put it in the exact same place that it was in June.  Is it just me or does this seem a little repetitive.  And silly.  And completely 100% ridiculous.

Here are a few pictures of my classroom before we started packing.  To be honest it's less "before" and more "Oh shoot... we started packing and everything is a mess and I forgot to take pictures."  So please forgive the mess and lack of cutesiness.

 Art center

 Block area with shelves pushed aside so the custodian would vacuum my rug.  Excuse the hot mess.

 Other side of blocks

 Writing center minus all the cutesy posters and student work that had been hanging there

 Writing shelf

I excluded a huge number of "before" pictures because I didn't want you to be completely horrified and unfollow my blog.

And here are the AFTER pictures.  And by AFTER I mean AFTER two days of over 100 degree temperatures trying to pack up while doing progress reports and paperwork, while entertaining several four and five year olds.

How scary is that?  Kind of like The Nightmare on Kindergarten Street.  Does anyone else have to pack up like this?  Please tell me that we are not the only ones!  I love these "rules" that come from the super-important-people-downtown-who-have-no-idea-how-ridiculous-their-rules-are.  The End.  Please don't have nightmartes tonight over the horrifyingness that is a mountain of child size chairs, furniture, shelves, tables, cubbies and toys.


Lisa R. said...

All the packing up at the end of the year scares me, because then I think about how I have to unpack everything all over again in 2 months. We usually are allowed to leave everything on the walls, but desks & chairs are all stacked, etc.
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Hoang said...

WE also have to pack up everything at the end of each year too.
I hate it!
Question, how do you get stuff to stick to those brick walls. I am moving to a room with those:(

Nicole Steele said...

OMG! I can't believe you just finished school! I live in TN and we go back July 31... UGH, HOT!! Anywasy, we also have to move everything to one side. We do not have to take everything off the walls. Take a deep breath and enjoy your summer :)

Miss Trayers said...

We have to pack everything up as well. They want to wax the floors and clean in every nook and cranny. My least favorite thing to do in the world is pack or unpack-at least we only have to do each once a year! :)


Mary said...

Phew... I am so glad I'm not the only one who has to pack like that every year. It still seems a little crazy, though. To get things to stick to the brick I swear by heavy duty packing tape. I probably buy about 10 rolls every school year but it totally works! We only have one bulletin board, but we make our own by taping up sheets of paper and borders. They stay up all year long with plenty of the heavy duty tape.

Fancy Free in 4th said...

Love your blog! I am your newest follower, just started a blog myself.

I can totally relate to the end of the year madness! I had to move schools this year so mine was insane too.

Fancy Free in Fourth

mrsjanellebush said...

I teach in Tennessee and we have to pack EVERYTHING up too. It is such a pain. I hate it worse than anything!!!!! Our janitors wax the floors during the summer so we have to move all of our heavy stuff out into the hall for them. I usually sleep for the first week of my Summer break because I am so tired from packing and moving. I feel your pain girl! I am your newest follower. I am a newbie blogger and would love for you to follow me too.
Mrs. Janelle