I wrote a butterfly science & ELA unit in college, and have been head over heels in love with doing butterflies with kids ever since.  I mean how amazing is it that they could look like this yesterday...

and this today?!  I just love it.

My favorite thing about watching caterpillars become butterflies is that it inspires SO much learning.  My kids love becoming little lepidopterists (aka butterfly scientists).  They love to observe, draw and write about butterflies.  They truly understand complex vocabulary and use it to explain what they see.  I can't even put into words how amazing their work is.

The kids' favorite part?
The caterpillar poopd on Ms. P's hand
Probably when the caterpillar pooped in my hand.  I haven't lived that one down yet :)  On the bright side, it gave us a firsthand understanding of the word frass (aka caterpillar poop).

Here are some of their awesome observations:

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