Our Reflections, A Great Book, and a Freebie!

We are learning about Shadows and Reflections, which is one of my favorite units to teach.  I pretty much love anything that integrates a fun science concept into all of our centers.  My little ones made shadow puppets, went on shadow hunts outside and built cities in the block area, shining the overhead projector onto them to make shadows.  Love it!

One of my favorite books to read towards the end of the unit is Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes.  It's about a poor little kitten who thinks that the full moon is a bowl of milk.  She sees the moon's reflection in a pond and jumps in, thinking that she's about to land in a big bowl of milk.  The illustrations are gorgeous... it's a Caldecott winner, and the kids love the funny story line.  I whipped up a few sweet worksheets and was blown away by the quality of their work (remember, they are 4 and 5!).
 When the cat licked the bug.

 When the cat saw the moon in the pond.

Isn't it sweet?  Who knew that they would love using black and white so much!  Here are your copies.  The first page is identifying the favorite part of the story, and the second is a text-to-self connection.  Enjoy!

Click {HERE} for your freebie!

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Kerri Buckner said...

Thanks for sharing. I love Kevin Henkes but I don't have this book. I'll be picking it up next time I see it.
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