The Mother's Day Roundup

I have been searching for something new and sweet to do for Mother's Day this year.  HERE is what we did last year:

1.  A handprint poem from {HERE}

2.  Super sweet purse books

3.  Ms. C did a really sweet teacup card complete with a little teabag

And here are my favorite ideas this year:
                                          Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Gorgeous flowerpots.  I would never have the time or funds for this one, but I still love love love it!

                                          Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Handprint bouquet... easy and sweet!

                                          Source: via Mary on Pinterest

LOVE this tiled handprint

                                          Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Ice cream cone with adjective sprinkles.  Cute, cute, cute!

                                             Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Handprint Garden


Miss Kindergarten said...

The purses turned out so cute!! I love the heart one!

Unknown said...

Love the tile with hand print! I was at a loss for Mother's Day ideas for my kiddos. Thanks for the ideas! I'm also a new follower. =)

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Juliette said...

My daughter's class did handprint flower pots, and they invited us to "mother's day tea" where the kids sang "my girl" but replaced my girl with my mom. I cried, it was the sweetest thing ever!