5 Magical Organizational Ideas

There are so many amazing organizational ideas on Pinterest.  Here are a few revolutionary ideas that I have found on Pinterest lately.

1. An amazing way to organize pocket charts.  She used binder rings to attach charts to plastic hangers by topic.  Love!
Source: flickr.com via Mary on Pinterest

2.  This one uses shower curtain rings, sheet protectors and a curtain rod to organize magazines.  My kids would love to read something that was organized in such a beautiful way.

3.  Knife racks to display matchbox cars in the block area.  Genius!

4.  Love. This. Writing. Center.  So organized, so beautiful.  I love writing centers that draw you in like this!

5.  Last but not least, how to organize the events that happen in your year.  What an amazing way to personalize the classroom and teach sequencing all at once.

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