Oh So Random...

1.  Have you ever heard of this book?  I hadn't, until I read it three years ago as part of our curriculum.  It is a beautiful story about friendship, creativity and color.  Seriously, check out how gorgeous these illustrations are:
My students were so inspired by this book that they wanted to make their own mural.  Why not do it in a "cave," just like the lion did?  
 So we taped a huge piece of white paper to the back of a bookshelf. draped two blankets over the shelf and a chart stand, threw in the book (opened to the cave mural page) and a bunch of colored pencils and there you go... a super easy, fun and artistic way to make text-to-self connections!

2.  Head on over to My Fabulous Finds to check out what I did with this yard sale muffin tin (trust me, it will make your life so much easier!)

3.  Also, I just wanted to share that my blog was featured on {this website} along with tons of amazing blogs that I totally aspire to be one day.  I am so flattered!

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