EASY Easter Crafts!

SO I have been racking my brain trying to come up with something that is adorable and EASY for my kids to do this week.  Let's get real... I want them to do something cute but I do not have the time to be sitting around cutting out zillions of intricate patterns or 17 complicated steps for my little ones to follow.

Here is the best of the most adorable and easy peasy lemon squeezy crafts I could round up on Pinterest:

                                             Source: meaningfulmama.com via Mary on Pinterest

Super cute and EASY bunny using cotton balls, a paper plate and pipe cleaners.  LOVE anything that's this easy!

                                                  Source: squidoo.com via Mary on Pinterest

"Stained Glass" Easter egg made with contact paper, tissue paper squares and a little construction paper.

                                             Source: littlewondersdays.blogspot.com via Mary on Pinterest

Beautiful painted easter egg using shaving cream with paint or food coloring!  I might try it with liquid watercolors.

                                                Source: casaonefiveone.com via Mary on Pinterest

Adorable handprint chick!

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Also, I'm a new follower. ;) Excited to share ideas with you kindergarten friend!

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