Currently April

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I'm going to elaborate a little on all of these:
1.  I LOVE TRASHY TV.  Anything and everything on Bravo is my favorite thing to watch.  Something about the trashiness of it is addictive, plus I can do tons of other things while I watch.

2. Two words: APRIL VACATION.  Unfortunately this year I'm not doing anything fun, like going to Mexico.  BUT I will finally have time to catch up on my to do list, get our poor house organized, do some yard work and finish up my master's degree!

3.  SUNDAY. NIGHT. BLUES.  Hate them!  I haven't found any cures yet, although a glass of wine does seem to ease the pain.

4.  Enough said!

5.  I have been working 70 - 80 hours a week teaching, working two tutoring jobs, going to class at night and babysitting.  Enough already!  I have only been going to the gym about once a week which is not nearly enough.  I am in my BFF's wedding in less than three months and I need to get in shape STAT!  I also have NO cute clothes.  Don't know what happened to them all, but this sista needs to go shopping!

6.  I have ALWAYS wished for the power to stop time.  As in everyone else would be frozen, and I could just stop time to do whatever I needed to do.  Big long line at Target?  No problem... just freeze time and jump to the front.  Huge paper due?  No problem... stop time and work on it.  Sleep deprived?  Little troublemaker in your class driving you crazy?  See how it works?  It's the ultimate super power!!

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