Some Fun Pinterest Tricks and a SALE!

My birthday is tomorrow!  As a little celebration I am throwing a 24 hour sale in my TPT store.  Everything is 20% off on March 13th only.  I hope you will stop by and check it out!

 One thing you might just love is my Plants & Seeds Math and Literacy Fun unit.  It is over 80 pages of lesson plans and activities that your little ones will love!

Pre-K, Kindergarten - English Language Arts, Math, Science -
Click the button above to check out everything that's on sale.  Thank you!

And now two super fun Pinterest tricks you can use:

1.  You can find out what people are pinning from your blog!  Just type in your blog name.  So, for example, mine is:    

2.  My friend K pinned this amazing little trick yesterday.  Have you ever clicked on a pin just to click on it to read more and not be able to find the thing you are looking for?  It happens to me all time and drives me bonkers!  Apparently you can just drag and drop the picture into a google image search and it will find the original post for you in a few second flat.  Seriously, I can't believe this one! Click {HERE} for step by step directions.

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