Great Deal of the Day - Wikki Stix!

I was out shopping today and stumbled upon some Wikki Stix knock offs, "Bendaroos", at an amazing price.  A pack of 500 was only $1.99!  This is why I love The Christmas Tree Shop.  At this time of year, there is not a Christmas tree in sight but they have plenty of random, delightful and incredibly cheap things that you can use in your classroom.  I found brand name Wikki Stix {here} at $7 for a 48 pack.  What a rip off in comparison!

Here they are:

Inside there were 500 Bendaroos sorted and individually bagged by color, plus about 10 animal cards with step by step directions

In case you are wondering "Why is this lady so excited about fake Wikki Stix?" here are some pinspirations for you:

Alphabet and number recognition game using Wikki Stix as a fishing rod

Upper and lowercase letters plus some phonemic awareness practice

Using Wikki Stix as a magnifying glass to search for letters or words in texts

Number recognition practice, and a fun way to practice addition and subtraction

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Representing scientific knowledge with Wikki Stix

A few other ways that I have used them in my classroom are 
  • To circle sight words in text
  • To underline the author and illustrators names on a book cover
  • To circle punctuation in a big book or poem
  • To circle uppercase letters in a text 
I would love to know what YOU do with Wikki Stix (or Bendaroos)!

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