Currently March

I am linking up to Oh Boy, 4th Grade for this fun monthly linky party.

Here we go...

To explain my 3 words...  My students think I'm magical (I hope!) because they are four and let's face it... impressed by almost anything.  I always try to be fun and add a touch of "magic" to get them really excited about learning.  My friends probably think I'm mischievous.  I love to play silly jokes on people, and am notorious for leaving voicemails where I just sing as loud as possible (a few favorites are Beyonce and anything Disney).  I also love to call my boyfriend at work and pretend to order software from him, or make fun of him for wearing a headset.  My family would think I am motherly.  I am the oldest of four, with a pretty big age gap.  I am four years older than my sister, 13 years older than my first brother and 17 years older than my second brother, so I kind of did act as another mother for the boys.  I don't have any kids of my own yet, so I love to spoil my baby cousin and my boyfriend's niece and nephew!

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